Kaya x Bun Mart: A fusion of tradition and innovation

Bun Mart, a renowned convenience store specializing in Thai, Japanese, Korean, and US products, has carved its niche by offering premium goods to its customers. Kaya Spread International Vietnam is pleased to let you know that our jam products are now available on the shelves of Bun Mart. Our popular jam stands as a timeless testament to perfection when it comes to preserving tradition, quality, and taste. With over a century of history, Kaya Jam has delighted taste buds with its luscious blend of fresh coconut milk and eggs, free from preservatives and artificial additives. Packed with protein and other high value nutrition, Kaya Jam becomes a magnificent choice for individuals of all ages. Kaya Jam with its long-standing recipe meets Bun Mart's commitment to quality and global sourcing. Explore the delights of this collaboration and savor the essence of culinary excellence with every bite.

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51E Ha Noi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC


0964 260 003 (Sales)