Market Research 

Market research allows you to gain a deeper insight into market trends, consumer needs, and behavior, be competitive employ the right strategies, and make informed decisions.

"Is your business effectively targeting the appropriate demographics and achieving satisfactory conversion rates?" Because of your approach, if your business is not experiencing the desired level of success, it may be worth evaluating your strategies and exploring additional measures to enhance its performance.

"Will my products sell in Viet Nam? Can I find a responsible distributor for my products? Will the locals like it?" Entering a foreign country for your products requires much more than finding a distributor, we need to know the consumers we are targeting, the consumer habits/trends that differ online and direct, and via HORECA, Modern Trade avenues.

New products will require marketing and awareness building as well as social media, developing the right content to resolve the consumer's pain points associated with new products. Besides, we are activations and massive engagement in a multifold approach, including massive sampling in a survey model.

In a nutshell, it's not as simple as just putting it on the shelf in any mart or store. The target customers may differ for different products, the right price point as well, and last but not least, how to use the products. The selective palate of the locals is likewise not the same in the northern, southern, central, and southwestern regions of Vietnam.

Market Research Process