About Kaya Spread International Vietnam

Kaya Spread International Vietnam Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaya Spread International Pte Ltd Singapore and is proud to be the brand that supplies Kaya jam in Singapore to Vietnamese consumers. Kaya is a product wholly manufactured in our manufacturing plant in Singapore. It’s a coconut milk and egg jam that can be used as a spread for bread and used as a key condiment in fine patisseries, bakery, and other food processing factories. 

Currently, Kaya Spread International Pte Ltd's products can be found in Korea, Japan, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam. These products are manufactured in Singapore and undergo a production process that strictly avoids the use of preservatives, additives, and artificial flavorings. Moreover, our products boast promising nutritional values.

Our Story

Chen Gui Da migrated to Singapore from Hainan, China. In the 1920s, they started the Chen Dai Ji coffeeshop which served tea, coffee and then kaya to migrants working in Pulau Brani, one of thenearest islands in Singapore. It never stop then.

When they moved to mainland Singapore, the coffee shop trend and kaya eating culture started to spread to more people and eventually became part of the Singapore food culture. Each generation of Mr. Chen family continued its kaya marking tradition till today. Mr.Tan Thang is the fourth generation of Mr. Chen descendant in Singapore.

Mr. Tan started Sing Kee Kaya to continue the tradition of kaya making. Though the years, they constantly reseach and development in the manufacturing of the products, which was proven to be a success in the local market with numerous awards and accolades. Sing Kee Kaya have its own manufacturing factory which is HAACP and ISO certified.

With the vision to share this Singapore kaya jam culture to overseas customers. in 2017, Sing Kee Kaya was then incorporated as Kaya Spread International Pte Ltd to achieve this mission.

Our Certificate

Our factory is HACCP certified manufacturing facility located in Singapore and our products are manufactured through strict QC standards and food safe. We use only fresh coconut milk and eggs as the base ingredients to create this popular jam which have more than 100 years of history. It does not hold any preservatives, addictive, and artificial coloring. High nutrition value, rich in protein that is good for people for all ages.  We are proud to bring this product into Vietnam to share with the Vietnamese customers.


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